Updated AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate (September 2021)

 Through the years, I’ve been monitoring my autosomal DNA ethnicity estimates on every supplier’s web site.  AncestryDNA simply up to date their ethnicity estimates, so I used to be curious if mine had modified considerably from one yr in the past.

1)  For reference functions, my perceived genealogical ancestry, based mostly on the place my ancestors in every line resided in about 1500 CE (this needed to be an informed guess!) are:

*  68%  British Isles
*  24%  Germany/Switzerland
*  1%  Holland/Belgium
*  1%  France
*  6%  Unknown (maybe some are French, Dutch, Scandinavian, Belgian, English, Native American, or different locations)

2)  I reported my AncestryDNA ethnicity estimate final yr in I Received My New AncestryDNA Ethnicity Estimate (11 September 2020).  It was:

* 46% England and Northwestern Europe
* 19% Scotland
* 16% Germanic Europe
* 7% Sweden
* 7% Norway
* 5% Eire

3)  My newest ethnicity estimate is:

* 65% England & Northwestern Europe
* 10% Sweden and Denmark
* 6% Germanic Europe
* 6% Eire
* 5% Norway
* 5% Wales
* 3% Scotland

So my England and Northwestern Europe gained 19%, Scandinavia gained 1% (combining Norway, Sweden and Denmark), Eire gained 1%, Germanic Europe misplaced 10%, and Scotland misplaced 16%, and Wales was added to the record.  Attention-grabbing, however how correct is it?  

My DNA Communities (the place the migrants migrated to) are:

This appears to completely ignore my vital German and Dutch immigration within the 1600-1750 timeframe to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, a few of whom migrated to Ontario within the 1780-1800 timeframe.

As everyone knows, these are ESTIMATES based mostly on reference populations. My DNA hasn’t modified, however the ethnicity estimates of every firm modifications and the ethnicity from 5 totally different corporations are all totally different as a result of they use totally different reference teams. 


Disclosure:  I obtained a complimentary check package from AncestryDNA a very long time in the past.  

Copyright (c) 2020, Randall J. Seaver

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