The Woman Who Fell From The Skies – Part 3

It’s one factor to point out there’s a doubtless hyperlink between an individual or household throughout two places, however it’s fairly one other to eradicate all the opposite potentialities. On this a part of Seeing the Wooden for the Timber I take a look at how you can construct partial proof right into a compelling case.

Beforehand – I used a timeline to analyse the marital lifetime of Mary Jane Hyland and located that she might have been born in Liverpool quite than Eire. However does this imply I’m getting ready to cracking the case?

Having discovered indications that Mary Jane Hyland, latterly the spouse of John Bowers of Warrington, Lancashire, may need been born in Liverpool someday in both the 1860s or 1870s quite than Eire, the plain subsequent step was to analyze census and civil delivery registrations in Liverpool.

The 1881 census of Liverpool and surrounding areas yielded twelve potentialities however solely two named Mary Jane or Mary J (bear in mind – we established within the timeline that she all the time used her center title Jane).

Candidate One:

  • Tackle: 20 Walnut Road, Liverpool;
  • Mary J Hyland, aged 16, approx yr of delivery 1864-65, occupation Nurse, homeland Liverpool;
  • Residing along with her widowed mom Margaret Hyland, aged 51, approx yr of delivery 1829-30, occupation Tailoress, homeland Eire; and
  • Elder brother Robert Hyland, single, aged 19, occupation Stone Polisher, homeland Liverpool.

Candidate Two:

  • Tackle: 8 Kilshaw Road, Everton, Liverpool;
  • Mary Jane Hyland, aged 12, approx yr of delivery 1868-69, occupation Scholar, homeland Liverpool;
  • Residing with dad and mom John and Susan Hyland, born within the 1840s in Eire; and
  • 5 youthful brothers: Thomas J, Joseph, Edward, Francis & Frederick.

Each candidates have dad and mom born in Eire, which is encouraging. On the floor candidate one appears the higher match on condition that she resides along with her widowed mom Margaret – Mary Jane had given her father’s title as “William Hyland (deceased)” in each 1891 and 1894 – nevertheless, she is older than anticipated from the timeline. The second candidate might be eradicated as the daddy is alive and referred to as John, not William.

So, I’ve a candidate for “our” Mary Jane Hyland earlier than she moved to Warrington. Is that sufficient? Can I shut the case right here? After all not. To try this I might want to set up a number of issues past cheap doubt:

  1. The candidate matches the established details in most, if not all, respects
  2. There aren’t any different candidates that might be a match
  3. This candidate didn’t transfer anyplace apart from Warrington and married no different particular person than John Bowers.

I like to consider this as eliminating all the backward-looking candidates bar one, then eliminating all the forward-looking candidates bar one.

Backward-looking elimination of candidates
Ahead-looking elimination of candidates

Complete Search – Censuses

Let’s proceed with a extra complete seek for backward-looking candidates.

The 1871 census of Liverpool and surrounding areas yields 9 doable candidates, of which simply three are listed as “Mary J” quite than plain Mary.

Candidate One:

  • Tackle: Robsart Road, Everton, Liverpool;
  • Mary J Hyland, aged 9, approx yr of delivery 1861-1862, homeland Liverpool;
  • Residing with dad and mom John and Alice Hyland, born within the 1830s in Birmingham and Liverpool respectively;
  • One older and three youthful siblings: Thomas, John, William and Mary A.

Candidate Two:

  • Tackle: Macauley Road, West Derby, Liverpool;
  • Mary J Hyland, aged 9, approx yr of delivery 1861-1862, occupation Scholar, homeland Liverpool;
  • Residing with dad and mom Denis and Alicia Hyland, born in 1830-31 and 1840-41 respectively, in Eire;
  • Two youthful brothers: John and Dennis.

Candidate Three:

  • Tackle: Burnley Road, Everton, Liverpool;
  • Mary J Hyland, aged 2, approx yr of delivery 1868-1869, homeland Eire;
  • Residing with dad and mom John and Susan Hyland, born within the 1840s in Eire;
  • Maternal grandmother Mary Murray , aged 63, homeland London.

Oh expensive! All three candidates have a dwelling father, none of which is named William, so all of those have to be discounted. What’s extra, our candidate from 1881 hasn’t been present in 1871.

Or has she? Everyone knows that on-line census searches might be removed from easy. Errors can happen at many phases within the course of of constructing, compiling, imaging or indexing the census information, not to mention the probabilities of mistaken search phrases. I made a further search within the 1871 census following Margaret Hyland, the widowed mom …

Candidate 4:

  • Tackle: Peach Road, Liverpool;
  • [unreadable] Hyland, aged 6, approx yr of delivery 1864-65, homeland Liverpool;
  • Residing along with her widowed mom Margaret Hyland, aged 40, approx yr of delivery 1830-31, occupation [unreadable], homeland Eire; and
  • Elder brother Robert Hyland, aged 9, homeland Liverpool;
  • Elder sister Catherine J Hyland, aged 8, homeland Liverpool.
Census returns. England. Liverpool, Lancashire. 2 Apr 1871. HYLAND, Margaret. RG02; piece 3782; folio 165; p.31. Assortment: 1871 England, Wales & Scotland Census Picture.

Evidently a poor scan at Discover My Previous is the reason for the issue. Is that this barely legible title Mary Jane?

Is that this Mary Jane?

I checked Ancestry’s scan of the identical web page:

Higher, however nonetheless not clear.

It is a little higher. The transcriber at Ancestry clearly wasn’t positive both – they recorded it as “Hiram J Hyland”.

I am completely happy that it’s “our” Mary Jane candidate because the corroborating proof for her widowed mom and older brother are actual matches. And I feel I could make Mary J from the Ancestry picture. Nearly.

So, I now have a single, widespread candidate from each the 1871 and 1881 censuses, with all different census candidates eradicated. Does that represent enough proof? After all not.

Complete Search – Civil Registrations

I have to now test civil delivery registrations for Mary Jane Hyland for the 1860s and 1870s to determine if there are any extra candidates.

Looking out Free BMD ( and the GRO ( for Mary J Hyland born in Lancashire between 1860 and 1880 yields simply three candidates:

# Surname First Names Quarter Registration District Vol & Web page Mom’s Maiden Title
1 Hyland Mary Jane Dec 1861 Liverpool 8b 222 Jones
2 Hyland Mary Jane Mar 1862 West Derby & Toxteth Park 8b 494 McGrath
3 Hyland Mary Jane Mar 1865 Liverpool 8b 244 James

By looking for doable GRO marriages between males named Hyland and girls with these three maiden names, I might be able to slender the sector:

# Groom Surname Groom First Title Bride Surname Bride First Title Quarter Registration District Vol & Web page
1 Hyland John Jones Latitia Atina Mar 1859 Liverpool 8b 147
2 Hyland Edward Jones Jane Dec 1859 Liverpool 8b 465
3 Hyland John Jones Mary Halsall Jun 1860 West Derby 8b 730
4 Hyland William James Margaret Sep 1860 Liverpool 8b 34

Right here it’s eventually! A wedding between a William Hyland and a Margaret James, who then went on to have a toddler referred to as Mary Jane in 1865. Certainly that is the smoking gun? In all probability. However how can we develop this doubtless situation to a stable case?

Tie up all of the Unfastened Ends

To make a convincing case every part must be constant, and if there are inconsistencies we should present clear and credible explanation why. So, let’s show that that is the solely backward-looking candidate by verifying the remaining free ends:

  1. Can we present this is identical couple who had the 2 older siblings of Mary Jane?
  2. Can we discover the dying of William Hyland between the conception of Mary Jane and the 1871 census, when Margaret declares herself to be a widow?
  3. Is the delivery certificates of Mary Jane in keeping with this situation?
  4. Are the parish information for the wedding of William & Margaret and the baptism of Mary Jane in keeping with this situation?

1. Utilizing the GRO indexes we are able to shortly present that each Robert and Catherine are the kids of William Hyland and Margaret James:

# Surname First Title(s) Quarter Registration District Vol & Web page Mom’s Maiden Title
1 Hyland Robert James Jun 1861 West Derby & Toxteth Park 8b 437 James
2 Hyland Catherine Dec 1862 Liverpool 8b 230 James

Moreover, searches for different youngsters of surname Hyland with mom’s maiden title James return no additional matches. The three youngsters Robert, Catherine and Mary Jane are the one youngsters born to this mix of surnames anyplace in England and Wales earlier than 1885.

2. I discover solely a single dying of a person named William Hyland in Lancashire between 1861 and 1871:

# Surname First Title(s) Quarter Registration District Vol & Web page Age at Demise
1 Hyland William Dec 1866 Liverpool 8b 201 32

3. I ordered the delivery certificates of Mary Jane Hyland from the GRO and obtained this a couple of days later:

Births (CR). England. Liverpool, Lancashire. District of Islington. 18 Dec 1864. HYLAND, Mary Jane. Entry no. 337

This reveals us that the delivery happened in late 1864 at Nice Richmond Road and is totally in keeping with what we all know of her dad and mom William Hyland and Margaret Hyland nee James. Nice Richmond Road is slightly below a mile from Peach Road the place the household lived in 1871.

4. A fast test on the Lancashire On-line Parish Clerk website ( yields a transcription of the wedding of William & Margaret:

Marriage: 16 Jul 1860 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
William Hyland – full, Porter, Bachelor, Peach St.
Margaret James – (X), full, Spinster, Peach St.
    Groom’s Father: Michael Hyland, Coachman
    Bride’s Father: Robert James, Plumber
    Witness: Thomas Davis; Catherine Grisdale, (X)
    Married by Banns by: Richard Titley, Curate
    Register: Marriages 1860, Web page 215, Entry 430
    Supply: LDS Movie 1656680

That is pleasingly in keeping with the deal with in Peach Road of the widowed Margaret and her three youngsters within the 1871 census.

Lancashire OPC doesn’t have a report of the baptism of Mary Jane, however Discover My Previous does:

Baptisms (PR). England. St Silas, Pembroke Place, Liverpool, Lancashire. 30 Apr 1869. HYLAND, Mary Jane. Web page 173. Archive ref: 283-SIL-2-1. Assortment: Births, Marriages, Demise & Parish Information.

Here’s a group baptism of all three of the kids of William & Margaret of 70 Peach Road on thirtieth April 1869.

The place does that depart us?

We’ve recognized all of the doable backward-looking candidates for Mary Jane Hyland and eradicated all however one. So can the case be closed now? Not fairly. There are two additional steps I have to undergo earlier than I can say I’ve confirmed the case past cheap doubt:

  • Seek for all doable forward-looking candidates and eradicate all however one.
  • Look at contradictory proof and try and resolve it.

Subsequent Time – Be a part of me for the ultimate steps within the case of Mary Jane Hyland. I assessment the journey I’ve been on and summarise my methodology.