Online estate maps

A couple of weeks again, somebody (Hello Donna) contacted me to inform me about some fantastic property maps they’d discovered on-line. Here they are, and in case your ancestors had been from Kildrumsherdan in Cavan, congratulations.

After which I began occupied with the place on-line the data are. The Nationwide Library of Eire internet catalogue has all the time been extra than simply an internet discovering help for NLI holdings. It consists of nearly 70,000 historic Irish photographs, a number of weird and wonderful eye-candy and naturally my pets, the Betham prerogative will abstracts.

Strange eye-candy

However I’d all the time considered the digital elements of {the catalogue} as fautes-de-mieux, visually fascinating bits and items shoehorned on-line by way of {the catalogue} for need of a greater different. No no no.

It’s now  a serious route for NLI digitisation, with an enormous choice of manuscripts and pictures, in addition to a  plethora of standards to play with. You may slice and cube by period, subject, format, creator, area … And all of a sudden  it’s 5 am.

Nonetheless bizarre, much less fantastic

The true query, not less than for genealogists,  is how gadgets are chosen for digitisation (and why extra property hire rolls and tenants’ lists aren’t there). NLI’s have to  play its half in historic commemorations is one clear criterion. For the last decade of the revolution that created the Irish state, there’s a magnificent online manuscript collection,  a trove of letters, trial data, posters, handbills, even an envelope containing “One of many bullets that killed one of many leaders within the Sinn Fein Rise up, Eire 1916”.

The envelope, and the bullet

So far as I could make out (by educated guesswork), the principle different criterion for digitisation and inclusion within the catalogue is that an merchandise is in want of conservation. That is how the Betham assortment received on-line, and why solely the half that wanted conservation is there.

Maps are the one class of manuscript most liable to wreck by dealing with, thus earmarked for conserving, thus discovering their method on-line. So a digital search for “estate” within the catalogue returns nearly 60% maps.  And what maps.  Tenants with acreages, boundaries, data of disputes, rents due … Add a county identify to the search and see what pops up. There are fantastic data right here, for durations when nothing else survives.

And a few oddities:

Close to this lies buried one of many Kings of Leinster who was killed by the son of Bryan Boru King of Munster (Parish of Castletownarra).

It’s arduous to argue that essentially the most susceptible manuscripts shouldn’t be first within the queue for digitising. However the few leases which have made it on-line (by being sure with maps) give a tantalising glimpse of what could possibly be. What will likely be.

A hands-on video of me enjoying with {the catalogue} and blissful as a pig within the proverbial is here.