New Clare Data Added

We’re happy to announce that Clare Heritage and Genealogical Centre has added over 61,000 Roman Catholic and Civil data to its database at, together with the next data;


Doora-Barefield: 1821-1900

Ballyvaughan: 1856-1900

Kilfiddane: 1868-1900

Kilmihil: 1849-1900

Ogonelloe: 1832-1900



Clarecastle: 1854-1900

Doonbeg: 1867-1890

Killaloe: 1828-1900

Kilmurry-McMahon: 1837-1889

Newmarket-on-Fergus: 1828-1900


BIRTHS (Civil)

Carrigaholt Civil: 1896-1949

Clarecastle Civil: 1893-1949

Killaniv Civil: 1895-1949

Kilrush Civil: 1899-1949

Quin-Clooney Civil: 1899-1949


DEATHS (Civil)

Carrigaholt Civil: 1864-1970

Clarecastle Civil: 1864-1970

Killaniv Civil: 1864-1970

Kilrush Civil: 1902-1970

Kilrush: 1864-1939

Quin-Clooney Civil: 1864-1965

Be aware: Kilrush Deaths are tagged beneath each Kilrush Civil and Kilrush.


OLD IMAGES OF CLARE – Clarecastle, 1899 | The Clare Herald

Clarecastle, County Clare, 1899

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