My Updated AncestryDNA Leeds Method Chart

 We mentioned the Leeds Methodology of clustering your DNA matches by grandparent at present within the Chula Vista Genealogical Society DNA Curiosity Group assembly at present on Zoom.

I up to date my AncestryDNA chart from 2019.  Right here it’s:

I did all of my DNA matches right down to 50 cM on this spreadsheet.  If I do know the frequent ancestors, I put then within the righthand column.  I do not know the frequent ancestors for 12 of my 48 matches on this checklist. The frequent ancestors had been discovered utilizing AncestryDNA ThruLines or by researching the household line.  

Some observations:

*  I’ve solely 48 DNA matches with 50 cM shared DNA or extra, out of 1678 “Shut matches – 4th cousins or nearer” (about 2.86%) and 37,823 whole DNA matches (about 0.127%).

* I’ve plenty of Richmond (paternal grandmother’s line) DNA matches in my 48 – 36 of them!  My great-grandparents Richmond, 2nd great-grandparents and third great-grandparents on this line all had 8 or 9 youngsters and most of them had youngsters.

*  I’ve solely 6 DNA matches in my Seaver (paternal grandfather’s line), as a result of my grandfather Frederick Seaver was the one baby who had youngsters within the Frank Walton Seaver household (great-grandfather), and 2nd great-grandfather Isaac Seaver had solely 3 youngsters with youngsters, however solely Frank has AncestryDNA descendants up to now. 5 of the 6 matches descend from siblings of my father in order that they share each Richmond and Seaver as proven on the chart.  I’ve many extra matches for Seaver with lower than 50 cM shared DNA.

*  I’ve 11 DNA matches for my Carringer (maternal grandfather’s line), and all the matches are from the third and 4th great-grandparents in his line.  Each of my grandparents had been solely youngsters,  so I’ve no first cousins and few second cousins on this line.  There are lots of extra AncestryDNA matches with lower than 50 cM shared DNA from the third and 4th great-grandparents.

*  I’ve 6 DNA matches for my Auble (Maternal grandmother’s line), and most them are from the third nd 4th great-grandparents in her line.  There are lots of extra AncestryDNA matches with lower than 50 cM shared DNA. 

I am planning on extending the spreadsheet right down to 30 cM to seize extra of the AncestryDNA matches on this chart.  I’ve labored on lots of the DNA matches with unidentified frequent ancestors, however the lack of Ancestry timber, or few grandparents within the timber, is holding me again.  

I additionally began a Leeds Methodology chart for FamilyTreeDNA however it’s incomplete at the moment.  I plan to do a chart for MyHeritageDNA and 23andMe matches additionally.  


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