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In 2014, this web site started to curate hyperlinks to free on-line newspapers in america. The preliminary publication listed about 10,000 titles. A couple of years later, digitized and free Canadian newspaper assortment hyperlinks have been curated and revealed. As we speak, between the 2 nations there are over 47,500 historic newspaper titles which might be listed. The widespread denominator is that they’re free to go looking and/or browse on-line.

This brings us to Europe. There are 44 nations in Europe. I think that we won’t be able to search out free titles in all of the nations, however that’s our aim.

Every nation’s web page will record nationwide titles, titles from different collections, and particular person titles which might be free to go looking and browse. Many nations have titles from different nations of their nationwide libraries. They are going to be listed on the web page of the gathering that holds that title.


Nationwide Collections

National Library of Greece

  • Ελευθερία, (1944-1967)
  • Εμπρός, (1896-1969)
  • Μακεδονία, (1911-1981)
  • Ριζοσπάστης, (1917-1983)
  • Σκριπ, (1893-1939)
  • Ακρόπολις, (1883-1884)
  • και Ταχυδρόμος Αιγύπτου, (1958-1977)

Different Collections

Vikelaia Municipal Library

  • Notice – 121 Titles – Not accessible to record, however are selectable on the web site through a dropdown

Good Luck and Pleased Searching!

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