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Cemetery data and cemeteries typically are a really giant a part of our household historical past and is a big pursuit for a lot of genealogists.  Generally, the data on a gravestone is the one info obtainable for sure ancestors.

What can you discover in these data? How about beginning, marriage, and dying info and clues to army service, faith, and group memberships. Location of the burial plot, tombstone inscriptions, cemetery maps, sexton registers, and gravestone photographs are additionally typically obtainable.

Listed here are a couple of good primers on the advantages of looking out cemetery data:

  • FamilySearch – United States Cemeteries
  • A Gravesite Can Reveal Outstanding Particulars About Your Ancestor, IF You Can Discover It: Right here’s How
  • Rootsweb – Cemetery Information

I’ve not carried out separate searches from Discover a Grave, Billion Graves, or Interment.internet by county or particular person cemetery as that may be time prohibitive. These websites are very helpful, and also you may discover references to them from sub-collection hyperlinks.

Be aware: A number of the hyperlinks listed take you to a FamilySearch Assortment of digital photographs. Close to the underside of the web page beneath Movie/Digital Notes is the identify of every sub-collection. If there’s a digicam icon on the proper of the identify (within the Format column) then the collections’ photographs are browsable. If there’s a digicam with a key icon, it is just obtainable at a Household Historical past Heart or affiliated library. If there’s a movie reel icon, then it is just obtainable in microfilm format, not digital. To take full benefit, please just be sure you are logged in to FamilySearch. The outcomes could also be totally different if you’re signed in, quite than not.

Under are hyperlinks to cemetery, burial, and interment data in addition to indexes and tombstone inscriptions which are obtainable at no cost on-line.

Basic U.S.

  • African American
  • Billion Graves Index
  • Discover A Grave Index
  • Names in Stone Cemetery Maps
  • United States, Cemetery Abstracts, 1949-1969
  • US GenWeb Tombstone Transcription Venture
  • Veteran’s Nationwide Gravesite Locator


  • Addison County Cemeteries
  • Addison County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Addison County Cemetery Information
  • Addison County, VT Cemeteries (by city)
  • Alburg, Information of deaths, taken from Cemeteries not reported earlier to 1870, 
  • Arlington, Headstone Document
  • Barnard, Cemetery Information, 1785-1906
  • Barnet, Burials as of Aug. 18, 2000
  • Beartown (VT) Cemetery, Burial Index
  • Bennington Heart, Inscriptions from the burying floor of the First Church of Christ
  • Bennington County Cemeteries
  • Bennington County Cemeteries and Information
  • Bennington County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Bennington County Cemetery Information
  • Bennington County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Bennington, Bennington County, Park Garden Cemetery Information, 
  • Bennington, Cemeteries and Burial Data
  • Bennington, Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Bennington. Cemetery
  • Berlin, Cemeteries, Burial index
  • Bethel, Cemetery Information, 1792-1919 approx.
  • Bradford, Previous North Portion Bradford Cemetery
  • Braintree, Cemetery Maps
  • Braintree, Cemetery Deeds, 1922-1977
  • Brattleboro, Document of deaths constructed from monuments within the totally different Cemeteries within the city of  that died earlier than 1857
  • Bridgewater, Cemeteries
  • Bridgewater, Cemeteries Burial Indexes
  • Bristol, Cemetery Information, 1801-1905
  • Brookline, Index to Cemetery heaps, 1794-1869
  • Burke, Burial Permits, 1905-1919
  • Burke, Cemetery Information, 1805-1879
  • Burlington, Cemeteries, Supplementary Document of deaths previous to 1870, taken from tombstones
  • Cabot, Cemetery Information, Inscriptions previous to 1870
  • Calais, Information obtained from inscriptions upon headstones within the Cemeteries, to 1870
  • Caledonia County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Camden Valley, Bennington County VT – West Cemetery, Sandgate Cemetery and Burial Index
  • Castleton (VT) Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Castleton, Epitaphs
  • Cavendish, Information of Mount Union Society, 1842-1884
  • Chester, Deeds to Cemetery heaps, 1869-1924
  • Chittenden County Cemeteries
  • Chittenden County Cemeteries and Information
  • Chittenden County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Harmony, Cemetery Information, 1790-1869
  • Danville, Cemetery Information
  • Dover, Windham County, Cemetery Information to 1865
  • Dummerston, Cemetery Inscriptions, 1782-1869
  • East Montpelier, stock of gravestones, 1794-1973
  • Elmore, Cemetery Information, 1803-1888
  • Enosburg, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Essex County Cemetery Information
  • Essex County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Essex Junction, , Cemetery Information, 1792-1870
  • Fairfax, Cemeteries and Burial Listings
  • Truthful Haven (VT) Village Cemetery, Burial Index
  • Fairfield, Franklin County, Cemeteries, Pre-1851 Stones
  • Fairfield, Cemetery Affiliation Information, 1921-1978
  • Fairview Cemetery, Alphabetical itemizing of graves
  • Franklin County Cemeteries
  • Franklin County Cemeteries and Information
  • Franklin County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Franklin County, VT Cemeteries (by city)
  • Georgia, Cemetery Information
  • Glover, Plan of Westlook Cemetery
  • Glover, Cemetery Deeds, 1903-1953
  • Granby, Loss of life Information and Burial Permits, 1972-1988
  • Grand Isle County Cemeteries
  • Grand Isle County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Greensboro, Cemetery Information
  • Guildhall, Essex County, Cemeteries
  • Hartford Space Cemeteries, Burial Indexes
  • Hartland, Cemeteries and Burial Indexes
  • Hyde Park, Cemetery Information, 1800-1890 approx
  • Ira, Cemetery Document earlier than 1870
  • Irasburg, Cemetery Information, to 1870
  • Johnson, Cemetery Information, 1800-1880
  • Kirby, Cemetery Information, 1813-1882
  • Lamoille County Cemeteries and Information
  • Lamoille County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Lyndon, City Cemetery, Document of interments
  • Lyndon, Burial Permits,1908-1916
  • Lyndon, Cemetery Information, 1793-1869
  • Marshfield, Cemetery Information, 1804-1869
  • Middlebury, Cemetery Information
  • Middlesex, Card file of Cemetery heaps, 1785-1870
  • Morgan, Orleans County, Early Information
  • Morristown, Document of deaths previous to 1870, taken from Gravestones within the Cemeteries
  • Mount Tabor, Cemetery Information, 1792-1854
  • North Shrewsbury, Cemetery Map, 1959
  • Northfield, Cemetery plans, with names and lot numbers, 1840-1892
  • Orange County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Orange County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Orange, Cemetery Information, 1736-1879
  • Orleans County Cemeteries
  • Orleans County Cemeteries and Information
  • Orleans County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Orleans, Deeds to Cemetery heaps, 1907-1973
  • Pawlet, Headstone Inscription Information, 1776-1907
  • Plymouth, Cemetery Information, deaths previous to 1870
  • Pomfret, Cemetery Information, 1829-1972
  • Pownal, Cemeteries
  • Richmond, Cemetery Deeds, 1871-1977
  • Richmond, Record of Cemetery Information for interval previous to 1870
  • Roxbury, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Rupert, Bennington County, Headstone inscriptions
  • Rutland County, Headstone inscriptions
  • Rutland County Cemeteries and Information
  • Rutland County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Rutland County, Cemetery grave playing cards and index
  • Rutland County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Ryegate, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Searsburg, Cemetery Information, 1832- 1869
  • Sharon, Cemetery Information
  • Shrewsbury, Deaths previous to 1870, buried in numerous Cemeteries within the city
  • Shrewsbury, Information, 1847-1958
  • South Hero, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Springfield, Windsor County, Sumner Cemetery
  • Stockbridge, Burials to the yr of 1919
  • Stowe, Cemetery Information, 1798-1869
  • Stratton, Cemetery Information, 1795-1872
  • Sutton, Cemetery Information, to 1870
  • Tinmouth, Cemetery Information, 1769-1875
  • Underhill, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Vermont, Cemetery Inscriptions
  • Vermont, Cemetery transcriptions, 1600-1995
  • Vermont, Deaths and Burials, 1871-1965
  • Vermont, Jewish Cemeteries
  • Vermont, Northeast Kingdom Cemeteries and Interments (by county)
  • Wardsboro, Cemetery Information 1790-1870
  • Wardsboro, Duncan Cemetery
  • Wardsboro, East Hill Cemetery
  • Wardsboro, Smead Cemetery
  • Wardsboro, Cemetery Information, 1793-1869
  • Washington County Cemeteries
  • Washington County Cemeteries and Information
  • Washington County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Washington County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Waterbury, Cemetery Information, 1621-1869, 1877
  • Waterford, Cemetery Information, 1797-1869
  • West Fairlee, Cemetery Plot Report
  • Whitingham, Cemetery Information, 1791-1895
  • Windham County Cemeteries
  • Windham County Cemeteries and Information
  • Windham County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Windham County, Cemetery Inscriptions from the cities of Wardsboro, Stratton, Jamaica and Dover
  • Windham County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Windsor County Cemeteries and Information
  • Windsor County Cemeteries, Burials, and Images
  • Windsor County Cemetery Information
  • Windsor County, VT Cemeteries (by city):
  • Wolcott, Cemetery Information, early to 1870
  • Woodbury, Cemetery Information, 1817-1904
  • Woodstock, Cemeteries
  • Woodstock, Cemetery Information, 1793-1947
  • Woodstock, Cemetery Information, 1793-1947
  • Woodstock, Cemetery Index
  • Worcester, Cemetery Information, 1825-1874
  • Worcester, Index to Cemetery heaps

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