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One of many predominant objectives for genealogists is discovering marriage details about their ancestors.  

Over the previous few a long time, due to volunteers, librarians and archivists, a large number of indexes to marriage collections have been offered at no cost on-line. These searchable indexes present particular marriage license, bond, and certificates data, and typically scanned pictures of the particular marriage paperwork themselves. These free on-line collections have a whole bunch of hundreds of thousands of data in them in whole.

There are a large number of on-line and offline collections which will embody marriage data that aren’t included within the lists beneath. These differing types might be present in 22 Methods to Discover Ancestors Marriage Data.

The lists beneath are particular marriage indexes and report collections which are out there at no cost on-line for the state of Louisiana.

Word 1: Lots of the hyperlinks listed beneath take you to a FamilySearch Assortment of digital pictures. In lots of instances there’s a hyperlink to the digital assortment in the midst of the web page, but in addition close to the underside of the web page underneath Movie/Digital Notes is the title of every sub-collection. If there’s a digital camera icon on the proper of the title (within the Format column) then the collections’ pictures are browsable. If there’s a digital camera with a key icon, it’s only out there at a Household Historical past Heart or affiliated library. If there’s a movie reel icon, then it’s only out there in microfilm format, not digital. Please additionally be aware that I’ve listed beneath solely databases which are accessible digitally out of your laptop (or pill/telephone)

Word 2I’ve included hyperlinks to Free Ancestry data and indexes. You don’t want a subscription, however do want an Ancestry account. With no subscription you may view indexes. If there’s a picture related to a report, typically you will have a subscription, however the index does embody very usable data.

(Up to date April, 2021; just lately added hyperlinks are in BOLD):

  • Acadia Parish Marriage Index 1886-1999 
  • Acadia Parish Marriage Licenses 1887-1893 
  • Acadia Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Allen Parish Index to Marriages, 1913-1983 ; Marriage Data, 1913-1928 
  • Ascension Parish Marriage Contracts 
  • Ascension Parish Marriages pre-1930 
  • Assumption Parish, Marriages
  • Assumption Parish Marriage Data 1790-1926; Marriage Index, 1800-1971 
  • Attakapas District Data 
  • Avoyelles Parish Marriages pre- 1850 
  • Bienville Parish, Marriages
  • Bienville Parish Marriages Volumes A through I, 1849-1901 
  • Bienville Parish Marriages 1849-1886 
  • Bienville Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Bossier Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Caddo Parish Marriages pre-1930 
  • Caddo Parish On-line Marriage Index 
  • Calcasieu Parish Marriages 
  • Calcasieu Parish Marriage Report, 1910-1929 
  • Calcasieu Parish Marriages, 1910-1917; Marriage Index, 1910-1971 
  • Cameron Parish Marriages 
  • Catahoula Parish Marriages 
  • Concordia Parish, Marriages
  • Concordia Parish – Freedmen’s Bureau Marriage Data 
  • Concordia Parish Marriages 1847-1919 
  • DeSoto Parish Marriages 
  • DeSoto Parish Marriage License Data, DeSoto Parish 1843-1900 
  • Early Marriages of Pointe Coupee, 1771-1843 
  • East Baton Rouge Parish, Marriages
  • East Carroll Parish, Marriages
  • East Carroll Parish Marriages 
  • East Feliciana Parish, Marriages
  • East Feliciana Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Evangeline Parish, Marriages
  • Evangeline Parish Marriages 1911-1912 
  • Evangeline Parish Index to Marriages, 1912-1950 ; Marriage Data, 1911-1929 
  • Franklin Parish Marriages 1840-Thirties 
  • Franklin Parish Index to Marriage E-book A 
  • French Colonial Louisiana Marriage Contracts 
  • Iberia Parish Marriages 
  • Iberia Parish Marriage Data, 1875-1916; Index to Marriages, 1868-1971 
  • Iberville Parish Marriages 1770-1999 
  • Jefferson Davis Parish Index to Marriages, 1913-1970 ; Marriage Report, 1913-1929 
  • Jefferson Parish Marriage Certificates of Jefferson and Orleans parishes, 1846-1856 
  • Jefferson Parish Marriage Certificates, Carrollton, 1865-1877 
  • Jefferson Parish Marriage Licenses, 1846-1859 
  • Lincoln Parish, Marriages
  • Lincoln Parish Marriage and Cemetery Data 
  • Livingston Parish Marriages 
  • Livingston Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Louisiana Bible Data, Household Histories and Marriage Data, 1961 
  • Louisiana Bible, Household Historical past, Church Historical past, Marriages, and so forth. 1960 
  • Louisiana Early Court docket and Church Data 
  • Louisiana Early Marriages 
  • Louisiana Marriage Data Index and Contracts 1718-1900 
  • Louisiana Marriages, 1816-1906 
  • Louisiana Miscellaneous Very important Data 
  • Louisiana Secretary of State Marriage Data Index 
  • Louisiana Miscellaneous Very important Data, 1700-1900 
  • Louisiana Parish Marriages, 1837-1957 
  • Madison Parish Marriage Data 1866-1900 
  • Madison Parish Marriages 
  • Miscellaneous BMD Data by County 
  • Morehouse Parish Marriages 1869-1876 
  • Morehouse Parish Marriage Data 1875-1899 
  • Natchitoches Parish, Marriages
  • Natchitoches Parish Marriage Licenses January 1 to February 8, 1915 
  • Natchitoches Parish Marriages recorded in Notarial E-book #8 
  • Natchitoches Parish Marriages recorded in notarial E-book 12 
  • Natchitoches Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Natchitoches Occasions Marriage Licenses February 18, 1915 to March 22, 1915 
  • Natchitoches Parish Marriages Could 21, 1813 to February 11, 1817 
  • New Orleans Christ Church Episcopal Cathedral Baptismal, Marriage and Dying Data 1849-1900 
  • New Orleans Day by day Picayune Newspaper Marriage Index 1837-1857 
  • New Orleans Deaths and Marriages: 1855-1856 
  • New Orleans Justices of the Peace, Index to Marriage Data, 1846-1880 
  • New Orleans Marriage Data 1846-1880 
  • New Orleans Marriage Data; Licenses and Certificates, 1880-1916 
  • New Orleans Newspaper Marriage Index 1804-1899 
  • New Roads, Pointe Coupee Parish Marriage Data 1846-1860 
  • Orleans Parish, Marriages
  • Orleans Parish Births, Marriages, and Deaths 
  • Orleans Parish Marriage Ledgers, 1870-1950, with Indexes, 1844-1845, 1847, 1849-1950; Delayed Recordings of Marriage Certificates, 1873-1969; Index of Unrecorded Marriages 1870 
  • Orleans Parish Marriage Licenses and Certificates, 1834-1888 
  • Orleans Parish Marriage Data 
  • Orleans Parish Very important Data, 1900-1964 
  • Orleans Parish Justice of Peace Marriage Index Playing cards 1846-1880 
  • Orleans Parish, Louisiana Marriage Licenses/Certificates, 1870-1942 
  • Ouachita Parish Marriage Index 1813 (1810)-1900 
  • Ouachita Parish Marriage Index, 1800-1890 
  • Ouachita Parish Marriage Data, 1828-1835 
  • Ouachita Parish Marriages 
  • Plaquemines Parish Marriages and Deaths 
  • Pointe Coupee Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Rapides Parish Marriages 
  • Richland Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Sabine Parish, Marriages
  • Sabine Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • St. Helena Parish Marriage Licenses, 1840-1849 
  • St. Helena Parish Marriages 
  • St. Landry Parish, Marriages
  • St. Landry Parish Marriage Data 
  • St. Landry Parish Marriage Data, 1807-1916; Index to Marriages, 1807-1979 
  • St. Martin Parish  Marriage Data, 1760-1900 
  • St. Mary Parish, Marriages
  • St. Tammany Parish  Marriage Data, 1812-1900 
  • St. Tammany Parish Index to Marriages, 1812-1900, v. 1 
  • St. Tammany Parish Marriages 
  • St. Tammany Parish Marriage Data, 1810-1900 
  • Tangipahoa Parish Births, Marriages, and Deaths 
  • Tensas Parish Marriages 
  • Terrebonne Parish Marriage Data 
  • Union Parish, Marriages
  • Union Parish Marriages 
  • Union Parish Marriages, 1839-1852 
  • United States Marriages, 1733-1990 
  • United States, Freedmen’s Bureau Marriages, 1861-1872 
  • Vermilion Parish Marriages 1861-1891 
  • Vermilion Parish, Marriage Indexes
  • Vernon Parish Marriages 
  • Washington Parish Marriages 
  • Webster Parish 1871-1900 Marriage Report 
  • West Baton Rouge Parish, Marriages
  • West Carroll Parish Marriages 
  • West Feliciana Parish, Marriages
  • West Feliciana Parish Marriages, 1841-1887 
  • Winn Parish, Marriages
  • Winn Parish Marriage Indexes 

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