Find out how to Obtain Your DNA Matching Section Knowledge and Why You Ought to

There are two or three varieties of knowledge that testers could possibly obtain from DNA testing websites. Family tree prospects have to periodically obtain as a lot as attainable.

  1. Uncooked knowledge information wanted for transferring DNA information from the corporate the place you examined to different testing or evaluation/comparability websites akin to FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, and GEDmatch for matching and different instruments.
  2. Matching phase information which element your matches, phase by phase with individuals whom you match.
  3. Match data information that give you extra details about your matches. What’s included varies by vendor.

Any such data will not be uniformly obtainable from all distributors, however is offered as follows:

Vendor Uncooked Knowledge File Matching Section File Match Data File
FamilyTreeDNA Sure Sure Sure
MyHeritage Sure Sure Sure
23andMe Sure Sure Sure
Ancestry Sure No No
GedMatch Not a testing firm, so no Sure Sure

I’ve offered step-by-step details about easy methods to obtain your uncooked DNA knowledge information and add them to different distributors in a collection of articles that you can find here.

A few of the solutions within the desk above want caveats as a result of every vendor is totally different. Let’s have a look.

Matching Section Information

On this article, I’ll present details about easy methods to obtain your matching phase and match data file(s).

Sadly, Ancestry doesn’t present any phase knowledge in any respect, nor do they supply a approach to obtain your match data. Third-party instruments that did this for you may have been banned by Ancestry, beneath menace of authorized motion, so this data is not obtainable to Ancestry prospects.

You’ll be able to’t receive this data from Ancestry, however you possibly can switch your DNA file to different distributors akin to FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and the third-party website, GEDmatch the place you’ll obtain extra matches. Some Ancestry matches can have transferred elsewhere as effectively, and you may make the most of your matching phase data.

Why Do I Desire a Matching Section File?

The matching phase file supplies you with details about precisely how and the place you match every individual.

Right here’s an instance that features the match title, chromosome, begin and finish location of the match together with the whole variety of CentiMorgans (cM) and complete SNPs within the matching phase. Your matching phase file consists of a whole lot/hundreds of rows of this data.

Figuring out who matches you on the identical phase is necessary as a result of it facilitates the identification of widespread ancestors. Section matching can be step one in triangulation which lets you verify descent from widespread ancestors along with your matches.

I wrote about triangulation at every vendor within the following articles:

Matching and Triangulation enable you type out authentic matches, and which ancestors that DNA phase comes from.

Sorting For Legit Matches

On every phase location of your DNA, you’ll match:

  • Individuals out of your Mother’s aspect
  • Individuals out of your Dad’s aspect
  • Individuals which are equivalent by probability (IBC) the place they match you as a result of a part of the DNA out of your Mother’s aspect and half out of your Dad’s aspect simply occurs to appear like their DNA (or vice versa.)

You’ll be able to see how matching works on this instance of 10 DNA areas. You inherited half of your Mother’s DNA and half of your Dad’s.

  • Legit maternal matches to you on this phase can have all As on this location.
  • Legit paternal matches to you should have all Cs on this location.
  • Equivalent by probability matches will match you, as a result of they’ve the identical DNA as each of your dad and mom that you simply carry – interspersed. They won’t match both of your dad and mom individually.

IBC matches DO technically match you, however unintentionally. In different phrases, they’re equivalent by probability (IBC) as a result of they only occur to match the DNA of each of your dad and mom intermixed. Conversely, you possibly can match the DNA of their dad and mom intermixed as effectively. No matter why, they aren’t a authentic maternal or paternal match to you.

For instance, you possibly can see that the equivalent by probability (IBC) match to you, above, gained’t match the authentic maternal or authentic paternal matches.

When evaluating your matches on any phase, you’ll wind up with a gaggle of people that match you and one another in your maternal aspect, a gaggle in your paternal aspect, and “everybody else” who’s IBC.

I wrote about IBD, equivalent by descent DNA and IBC, equivalent by probability DNA and how that works, here.

A downloadable phase match file lets you type your entire matches by chromosome and phase. That’s step one in figuring out in case your matches match one another – which is easy methods to decide if persons are authentic matches or IBC.

Moreover, these information permit you to make the most of options at DNAPainter together with the instruments at DNAGedcom and Genetic Affairs.

Match Data File

There’s a second file you’ll wish to obtain as effectively besides at 23andMe who consists of the entire data in a single file. You’ll wish to obtain these information from every vendor on the identical time so they’re coordinated and embody the identical matches from the identical time.

Downloading the second file, your match data, supplies extra data which can be useful to your family tree. The knowledge on this file varies by vendor, however consists of gadgets akin to, however not restricted to:

  • Tree hyperlink
  • Haplogroup
  • Match date
  • Predicted Relationship Vary
  • Precise Relationship
  • Complete shared cM
  • Longest phase cM
  • Maternal or paternal bucket (FamilyTreeDNA)
  • Notes
  • E mail
  • Household Surnames
  • Location
  • % of shared DNA

You by no means know when distributors are going to alter one thing that may have an effect on your matches, like 23andMe did final fall, so it’s a good suggestion to obtain periodically.

Downloading your phase match and match data information are free, so let’s do that.

Downloading Your Section Match & Data Information


Signal on to your account.

click on photos to enlarge

Below your Family Finder Autosomal DNA test outcomes, click on on Chromosome Browser.

On the chromosome browser web page, on the prime proper, click on on Obtain All Segments.

Caveat – in case you entry the chromosome browser by way of the Family Finder match web page, proven under, you’ll obtain the phase matches ONLY for the individuals you may have chosen.

After deciding on particular matches, as proven above, the choice on the chromosome browser web page will solely say “Obtain Segments.” It does NOT say “Obtain All Segments.”

Clicking on this hyperlink solely downloads the segments that you simply match with these individuals, so at all times you’ll want to entry “Obtain ALL Segments” immediately by way of the chromosome browser choice in your Autosomal DNA Household Finder menu with out going to your match web page and deciding on particular matches.

The phase obtain file consists of solely the segments, however not extra data, akin to which aspect, maternal or paternal, these matches are bucketed to, surnames and so forth. You’ll want to obtain a second file.

To obtain extra details about your matches, scroll to the very backside of your Household Finder match web page and click on on both Obtain Matches or Obtain Filtered matches. In case you’ve used a filter akin to maternal or paternal, you’ll obtain solely these matches, so make certain no filters are in use to obtain your entire matches’ data.

Your studies can be downloaded to your pc, so save them someplace the place you will discover them.


Register to your account and click on on the DNA tab, then DNA Matches.

On the far right-hand aspect, you’ll see three little dots. Click on on the dots and also you’ll see the choices to export each the complete DNA Matches record and the shared DNA phase information for all DNA Matches.

You’ll wish to obtain each. The primary file Is the DNA matches record.

To obtain your phase matches, choose the second possibility, “Export shared DNA phase information…”

Your information can be emailed to you.


At 23andMe, signal on to your account and click on on “DNA Family members” beneath the Ancestry tab.

You’ll see your record of matches. Scroll to the very backside the place you’ll see the hyperlink to “Obtain combination knowledge.”

23andMe combines your phase and match data in a single file.

Do not forget that at 23andMe, your matches are restricted to 2000 (except you’re a V5 subscriber), minus the quantity of people that haven’t opted in to Relative Sharing. Moreover, there can be various individuals within the obtain file whose names seem, however who don’t have any phase knowledge. These individuals opted-in to Relative Sharing, however to not share phase data.

For instance, my obtain file has 2827 rows. Of these, 1769 are distinctive people, which means that I’ve matches with a number of segments for 1058 individuals. Which means of my 2000 allowed matches, 231 (or extra) didn’t opt-in for Relative Sharing. The “or extra” implies that 23andMe doesn’t roll matches off the record when you have communicated with the individual, so some individuals may very well have greater than 2000 matches. It’s unattainable to know the way 23andMe approaches calculations on this case.

Of these 1769 distinctive people on my match record, 257, or 15% didn’t share phase data. I’d certain like for these to be robotically rolled off and changed with the subsequent 257 who do share. 1512 or roughly three-quarters, 75%, of my 2000 allowed matches are helpful for family tree.

Initially, when 23andMe made their modifications final fall, they have been reportedly limiting the obtain file quantity to 1000, however they’ve reversed that coverage on the V3 and V4 chips. I downloaded information from each chip variations to substantiate that’s true.

I don’t have the V5 chip subscription stage, nor am I going to retest to do this, so I don’t know if V5 subscribers obtain all 5000 of the allowed matches of their obtain file.

That is the proper instance of why it’s a good suggestion to obtain your match information periodically. 23andMe is the one testing vendor that restricts your matches and once they roll off your record, they’re irretrievable.

Other than that, protected is best than sorry. You by no means know when one thing will change at a vendor and also you’ll want you had downloaded your match information earlier.


GedMatch, a third-party vendor, supplies a lot of instruments however isn’t intuitive and supplies virtually no tutorial or details about easy methods to navigate or use their website. There are some YouTube movies and Kitty Cooper has written several how-to articles. GEDmatch has promised a facelift quickly.

GEDmatch supplies many instruments totally free, together with a Tier1 stage which supplies superior options by subscription.

At GEDmatch, you possibly can see as much as 2000 matches totally free, however you should be a Tier 1 subscription member to obtain your matches – and the obtain is restricted to your prime 1000 matches.

There are two Tier 1 one-to-many comparability choices which are very comparable. For both, you’ll enter your equipment quantity and make your choice. Given that you simply’re restricted to 1000 within the obtain, there isn’t a purpose to seek for greater than 1000 kits.

click on to enlarge

Then, click on on Visualization choices

You’ll then see the record of visualization choices which incorporates “Record/CSV.”

Clicking on “Record/CSV” supplies you with choices.

click on to enlarge

You’ll wish to choose the Matched Section Record, and you may both choose “Stop Exhausting Breaks,” or not. Permitting arduous breaks implies that small non-matching areas between two matching segments will not be ignored, and the 2 segments are reported as two separate segments – if they’re massive sufficient to be reported.

In case you forestall arduous breaks, non-matching areas of lower than 500,000 thousand base positions are ignored, creating one bigger blended phase. It’s my desire to permit arduous breaks as a result of I’ve seen too many cases of erroneously “blended” segments.

When your matching phase file is full, you may be prompted to obtain to your pc.

Due to Genetic Affairs, I found an alternate approach to receive greater than 1000 downloaded matches from GEDmatch.

GEDmatch Various Methodology

Genetic Affairs suggests utilizing the DNA Section Search with a minimal of 5000 kits, and to allow the choice to “Stop Exhausting Breaks.”

Don’t shut the session whereas GedMatch is processing otherwise you’ll have to restart your question.

When completed click on “Right here” to obtain the file to your system.

Now you’re prepared for half 2.

Subsequent, you’ll wish to choose the Triangulation characteristic.

These capabilities take time, so that you’ll be watching because the counter will increase. Or possibly go eat dinner or analysis some family tree.

I can hear the “Jeopardy countdown music

When completed, click on on “Right here” to obtain this second file.

Whew! Now you need to have your phase and match data information from every firm that helps this data and supplies downloads.

Saving Information

I typically save my information by vendor and date. Nonetheless, in case you’re going to make use of the information for a particular challenge – you could wish to make a replica elsewhere. For instance, I’m going to make use of these information for Genetic Affairs’ AutoSegment feature, so I’ve downloaded recent information from every vendor on the identical date and made a separate copy, saved in my Genetic Affairs folder. I’ll let you understand how that goes😊

Backside Line

  • Take a look at at distributors that don’t settle for transfers. Ancestry and 23andMe
  • Take a look at at or transfer to the rest. FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage and GEDmatch
  • Unlock or subscribe to the superior instruments that embody chromosome browsers, ethnicity, and extra, relying on the seller. FamilyTreeDNA, MyHeritage, GEDmatch
  • Upload or create timber at every vendor (besides 23andMe who doesn’t help timber.)
  • Obtain as a lot data as you possibly can from every vendor.
  • Work your matches by way of shared (in widespread with) matches, timber, segments, and clusters!

Have enjoyable!!!



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Thanks a lot.

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