52 Ancestors – Week 414: #76 Phinehas Brigham (1755-1802) of Westborough, Massachusetts

52 Ancestors – Week 414: #76 Phinehas Brigham (1755-1802) of Westborough, Massachusetts

Phinehas Brigham (1755-1802)  is #76 on my Ahnentafel  Record, my third great-grandfather, who marrie#77 Lydia Batherick (1752-1795)  in 1779 in Westborough, Worcester County,  Massachusetts.

I’m descended by means of:

* their son, #38 Lambert Brigham (1794-1834) who married #39 Sophia Buck (1797-1882) in 1817.
* their daughter #19 Sophia Newton (1834-1923) who married #18 Edward Hildreth (1831-1899) in 1852.
* their daughter #9 Hattie Louisa Hildreth (1857-1920) who married #8 Frank Walton Seaver (1852-1922) in 1874.
* their son #4 Frederick Walton Seaver (1876-1942) who married #5 Alma Bessie Richmond (1882-1962) in 1900.
* their son #2 Frederick Walton Seaver (1911-1983) who married #3 Betty Virginia Carringer (1919-2002) in 1942.
* their son #1 Randall Jeffrey Seaver (1943-living)


1)  PERSON (with supply citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Identify:                       Phinehas Brigham[1–7]
*  Alternate Identify:       Phineas Brigham[8–9,11–13]
*  Intercourse:                          Male
*  Father:                     Moses Brigham (1722-1769)
*  Mom:                   Mehitable Grout (1725-1795)

2)  INDIVIDUAL EVENTS (with supply citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Start:                      23 July 1755, Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[1–3]
*  Distribution:           1 January 1770 (age 14), father’s intestate property; Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[8]
*  Army:                 1775–1779 (about age 20–about 24), in the course of the Revolution Warfare; Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[1,9]
*  Deed:                      3 August 1779 (age 24), bought share of mom’s dower to Jonathan Forbes for 500 kilos; Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[10]
*  Census:                  1 August 1790 (age 35), Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[5]
*  Distribution :         6 October 1795 (age 40), mom’s testate property; Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[11]
*  Demise:                   earlier than 12 August 1802 (earlier than age 47), Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[7]
*  Probate:               12 August 1802 (age 47), stock taken of intestate property; Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[7]
3)  SHARED EVENTS (with supply citations as indicated in brackets):

*  Partner 1:             Lydia Batherick 1752-1795
*  Marriage 1:         29 April 1779 (age 23), Westborough, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[4,13]
*  Little one 1:               Eli Brigham 1780-????    
*  Little one 2:               Phineas Brigham 1782-1823
*  Little one 3:               Willard Brigham 1784-1858
*  Little one 4:               Lydia Brigham 1787-1791
*  Little one 5:               Nahum Brigham 1790-1790
*  Little one 6:               Stephen Brigham 1792-1817
*  Little one 7:               Lambert Brigham 1794-1834
*  Partner 2:            Hannah Jackson 1754-????
*  Marriage 2:        20 August 1796 (age 41), Upton, Worcester, Massachusetts, United States[6]

4)  NOTES (with supply citations as indicated in brackets):  

Phinehas Brigham was born 23 July 1755 in Westborough, Massachusetts, the son of Moses and Mehitable (Grout) Brigham[1-3].
Moses Brigham, the daddy of Phinehas Brigham, died intestate on 3 December 1769. On 1 January 1770, his spouse, Mehitable, was appointed administratrix of the property within the Worcester County Probate Court docket.  She was additionally appointed the guardian of Phinehas and the opposite youthful kids.  In 1774, the property was distributed to the heirs, and the oldest son, Moses Brigham, was to have the true property, and pay every of his siblings £49-13-9[8]. 
Phinehas served within the Revolutionary Warfare from Westborough[1,9].  The Massachusetts Troopers and Sailors within the Revolutionary Warfare e book has this entry for Phinehas:

“BRIGHAM, PHINEAS, Westborough.  Non-public, Capt. Edmund Brigham’s co. of Minutemen, Maj. Gen. Ward’s regt., which marched on the alarm of April 19, 1775; service, 5 days; reported enlisted into the military; additionally, Capt. Moses Wheelock’s co., Col. Jonathan Ward’s regt., muster roll dated Aug 1, 1775; enlisted April 24, 1775; service 3 mos. 15 days; additionally, firm return [probably Oct. 1775]; additionally, Capt. Edmund Brigham’s co., Col. Job Cushing’s regt.; marched Aug. 21, 1777, to strengthen Northern military by order of Gen. Stark and Gen. Lincoln; proceeded to Hadley and was there counter-ordered; service, 5 days; firm ordered to be mounted if potential; additionally, Sergeant, Capt. Ebenezer Belknap’s co. (additionally given Capt. Nathan Fisher’s co.) co., Col. Nathaniel Wade’s regt.; engaged June 23, 1778; discharged Jan. 1, 1779; service, 6 mos. 12 days, at Rhode Island; stationed at North Kingston, R.I.; enlistment to run out Jan. 1, 1779; additionally, muster toll for June-Sept. 1778, dated East Greenwich; additionally, muster roll for Jan. – Nov., 1778, dated North Kingston.”

Phinehas Brigham married, at age 23, to Lydia Batherick (1752-1795), daughter of David and Lydia (Maynard) Batherick, on 29 April 1779 in Westborough[1,4,13].  That they had seven kids, all recorded within the Westborough city data:
*  Eli Brigham (1780-????), married 1804 to Dulcena Warren (1784-1830).
*  Phineas Brigham (1782-1823), married 1805 to Lydia Wilkins (1785-1861).
*  Willard Brigham (1784-1858), married 1811 to Betsey Sherman (1783-1880).
*  Lydia Brigham (1787-1791).
*  Nahum Brigham (1790-1790).
*  Stephen Brigham (1792-1817).
*  Lambert Brigham (1794-1834), married 1817 Sophia Buck (1797-1882).
Apparently, Phinehas Brigham by no means acquired or refused to obtain the £49-13-9 he was imagined to obtain from his father’s property.  In a deed, Phinehas Brigham, yeoman of Westborough, bought his share of his mom’s Dower actual property to Jonathan Forbes, gentleman of Westborough, on 3 August 1779[10].  The deed reads:  
“Know all Males by these Presents that I Phinehas Brigham of Westboro within the County of Worcester and State of Massachusetts Bay in New England yeoman in Consideration of the sum of 5 hundred kilos Lawfull Cash to me in hand paid earlier than the Ensealing hereof by Jonathan Forbes of Westboro within the County & state aforesaid Husbandman y’e Receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge do herefor & by these presents Remise Launch & ceaselessly Quitclaim unto him the stated Jon’a Forbes his heirs & assigns all my rights Title Pursuits Inheritance property Declare and Demand of in & unto my Mom Mehetabel Brigham Dowry of Thirds to the Property of her husband Moses Brigham Deceased.  To have and to carry the identical (how & wherever scituate & mendacity) with all of the priviledges and appurtenances thereto belonging to him the stated Jon’a Forbes his heirs & assigns ceaselessly hereby Declaring myself my heirs Exors & admors & from all or any future Declare to be made to my mom Mehitabel Brighams Dower of Thirds to the Property of him the s’d Moses Brigham Deceased and that the stated Jon’a Forbes his heirs & assigns might ceaselessly hereafter peaceably Take pleasure in all my Pursuits in s’d Thirds with out Molestation from me or any particular person Claiming below me.  In Witness whereof I the stated Phinehas Brigham have hereunto set my hand & seal this Third day of August Anno Domini One Thousand seven hundred and seventy 9.                       Phinehas Brigham  

Signal’d Seal’d & Deliv’d in y’e presence of us  Joseph Baker  Elijah Brigham.

Worcester ss August y’e 7 1779  The above Named Phinehas Brigham personally
appeared & Acknowledged this Instrument to be his free act & Deed earlier than me
                                       Joseph Baker Justice Peace”
Apparently, he continued to stay on the property of Jonathan Forbes, which was on the property previously owned by his father, Moses Brigham. 
Within the 1790 United States Census, Phinehas Brigham resided in Westborough, Worcester County, Massachusetts[5].  The family included one free white male over 16 (Phinehas), 4 free white males below age 16 (sons Eli, Phineas, Willard and Nahum), and two free white females (spouse Lydia and daughter Lydia).
When Phinehas was age 39, his mom, Mehitable Brigham, died testate on 30 August 1795 in Westborough[11].  Her will was written on 24 July 1795 and proved on 6 October 1795 in Worcester County Probate Court docket, and she or he bequeathed to Phinehas:

“Merchandise. I give and bequeath to my Son Phinehas the one Sixth a part of all my actual and private Property of what form and Nature soever excepting the family furnishings and sporting Attire.” 

Lydia (Batherick) Brigham, the spouse of Phinehas Brigham, died on 28 December 1795, leaving 5 kids between the ages of 1 and 15 years.
Phinehas Brigham married, secondly, to Hannah Jackson (1754-????) of Upton, Massachusetts, on 20 August 1796 in Upton[6].  That they had no kids.
Phinehas Brigham died intestate earlier than 12 August 1802 in Westborough at age 47. His probate papers are in Worcester County Probate Property File 7,427[7].  They embody:
a)  On 1 September 1802, Hannah (Jackson) Brigham, widow of Phineas, and Joseph Jackson had been appointed directors of the property.  A bond of $10,000 was posted by Hannah Brigham, Joseph Jackson, David Nelson and Nathan Jackson.
b)  David Fay, Jedediah Fay and Thomas Smith of Westborough had been appointed on 12 August 1802 to take a listing of the property of Phinehas Brigham.  The entire property was $98.95, which included $20 for a dwelling home on the land of Jonathan Forbes in Westborough.  The directors account was submitted to the Probate Court docket on 3 April 1804.  The directors charged themselves with the non-public property, and paid money owed totaling $108.74, having superior themselves $29.79, together with $15 for administering the property. 
The stock transcript included:
“An Stock of the Property of Phinehas Brigham
late of Westborough within the county of Worcester deceased
appraised upon oath by us the subscribers, duly appointed
to that service by the Hon. Nathaniel Paine Esq’r Decide
of Probate of wills for stated County, Viz. A Dwelling home
Situate and being on the Land of Jon’a Forbes which we appraise at
by the consent of the stated Forbes                                                                    $ 20.00
Private Property we Appraise as followeth viz. Dol . Cents
1 Mattress with the beding & curtains & the stead & mattress wire @                           13 . 00
1 different outdated Mattress with all of the beding stead & wire @                                         11 . 00
3 outdated sheets 3.50  A pair of pillar instances 1.50                                                       5 . 00
3 Desk cloths 2.66  5 Towels  1.25                                                                     3 . 91
2 Platters 6 plates 1 Tea pot 16 Desk and Tea spoons                                        3 . 40
1 q’t Pot 1 ponger 1 Tea cannister & pepper field                                                0 . 40
Glass and Crockery ware 1.50 one case of Attracts 6                                          7 . 50
Wanting glass .50 one case of outdated bottles .75 outdated Juggs .40                              1 . 65
Previous iron ware 1.50 gridiron .75 bread trough & sive .50                                   2 . 75
Tin ware .40 wood containers & Bellows 1.00 flat iron .50                                  1 . 90
Hearth stirr .75  skimmer lid pan & burning iron .50                                             1 . 25
u189½ case of knives & forks .40 a basket o& a lot of outdated knives .5        0 . 90
Previous basket .33 spools & 4 shuttles 1.33 
Cloath basket stuffed with Rags And 1 pair of Playing cards & one outdated mattress pan .75             2 . 00
13 Skaines of tow yarn and a few Previous baggage .58                                                 0 . 58
4 purple Chairs 1.50 two Previous Chairs .50 an outdated loom & warping band  1.            3 . 50
A Massive fireplace settle 1.00 Six Cyder Barrel 2.00                                                  3 . 00
7 Dry carts 1.00  one meat tub .83  quill wheel actual outdated Iron .75                      2 . 58
A big Baize robe  1.50 one straight bodied Coat 1.00                                  2 . 50
A waistcoat 1.00 one Jackcoat .50                                                                     1 . 50
2 pair small Cloathes .92 three pair of Overhalls 1.66                                      2 . 58
3 pair of Socks .34  three flannel shirts 2.25                                                     2 . 59                                      
1 pair of mitts 1 outdated blanket and an outdated hat                                                       1 . 16
1 Kitchen Desk 1.00 one raisor .25                                                                   1 . 25
Plenty of items of sole & higher leather-based                                                      0 . 66
1 swine a 12 months outdated                                                                                            10 . 00                                                                
Whole private property                                                                                     $ 97 . 62
1 Iron ???? and Share at 1.33 added                                                                  1 . 33
                                                                                                                      $ 98 . 95  
                                                   David Fay      }
                                                   Jonathan Fay }  Appraisers
Westborough Aug’t 12 1802      Thos Smith    }”
There isn’t any recognized loss of life file or burial file for Phinehas Brigham.

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6)  NOTE:  This genealogical sketch is out of Ahnentafel order as a result of I discovered new data linking Sophia Newton to her start father, Lambert Brigham.  


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