2021 Favorite Articles

It’s that point of the yr once more once we welcome the following yr.

2021 was markedly totally different than something that got here earlier than. (Is that ever an understatement!)

Perhaps you had extra time for family tree and hung out researching!

So, what did we learn in 2021? Which of my weblog articles have been the preferred?

In reverse order, starting with quantity 10, we’ve got:

This timeless article revealed in 2015 explains easy methods to calculate the quantity of any particular heritage you carry based mostly in your ancestors.

Simply one thing enjoyable that’s like your common pedigree chart, besides shade coded places as a substitute of ancestors. Right here’s mine

The Autosegment Triangulation Cluster Device is a model new device launched in October 2021. Created by Genetic Affairs for GEDmatch, this device combines autoclusters and triangulation.

Many individuals don’t understand that we really don’t inherit precisely 25% of our DNA from every grandparent, nor why.

This enlightening article co-authored with statistician Philip Gammon explains how this works, and why it impacts all your matches.

Who doesn’t love studying about historical DNA and the messages it conveys. Does your Y or mitochondrial DNA match any of those burials? Have a look. You is likely to be shocked.

How will you inform if you’re full or half siblings with one other individual? You would possibly suppose it is a actually simple query with a straightforward reply, nevertheless it isn’t. And belief me, in case you EVER end up ready of needing to know, you really want to know urgently.

Utilizing easy match, it’s straightforward to determine how a lot of your ancestor’s DNA you “ought to” have, however that’s now how inheritance really works. This text explains why and exhibits totally different inheritance situations.

That 28 day timer has expired, however the article can nonetheless be helpful when it comes to educating your self. This must also be learn along with Ancestry Retreats, by Judy Russell.

If I had a greenback for each time I’ve heard somebody say that their ethnicity percentages have been “flawed,” I’d be a wealthy lady, dwelling in a villa in sun-drenched Tuscany😊

This extraordinarily fashionable article has both been first or second yearly because it was revealed. Ethnicity is each thrilling and perplexing.

As genealogists, the very first thing we have to do is to calculate what, in line with our family tree, we might count on these percentages to be. In fact, we additionally have to consider the truth that we don’t inherit precisely the identical quantity of DNA from every grandparent. I clarify how I calculated my “anticipated” percentages of ethnicity based mostly on my identified tree. That’s the very best place to begin.

Please word that I’m now not updating the seller comparability charts within the article. Some distributors now not launch updates to the whole database on the identical time, and a few “tweak” outcomes periodically with out making an announcement. You’ll want to check your individual outcomes on the totally different distributors on the identical time limit to keep away from evaluating apples and oranges.

The #1 Article for 2021 is…

  1. Proving Native American Ancestry Using DNA

This text has both been first (7 occasions) or second (twice) for 9 years operating. Now you recognize why I selected this matter for my new guide, DNA for Native American Genealogy.

In case you’re trying to find your Native American ancestry, I’ve offered step-by-step directions, each with and with out some proportion of Native displaying in your autosomal DNA percentages.

Make 2022 a Nice Yr!

Right here’s wishing you the very best in 2022. I hope your brick partitions cave. What are you doing to assist that alongside? Do you will have a technique in thoughts?


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